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About Us

GoShowIt is the latest product from Imagiu, a team of seasoned tech & business folks who are really excited about the huge potential mobile devices offer for businesses. We're committed to building mobile business products that provide measurable and immediate business value, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to simple design, ease of use and great customer support.

GoShowIt realizes the potential of mobile for b2b companies by increasing the productivity of their sales teams while giving their managers at head office a way to save money, as well as unprecendented visibility into what's going on in the field. With a mobile tablet front-end + cloud based back-end, GoShowIt also solves some major technical issues that laptops and internet based solutions never could - like full availability of the catalog & order taking off-line, being 'always on' (only one-tap away from action) and being incredibly intuitive to use and share with others.

Our customers love the products we build and the attention we give them, so join them and the mobile revolution by giving us a call.